Janitorial Trolley

If you are within the property, hospitality, or healthcare industry, you will understand that keeping your environment clean is a matter of health and safety. Unhygienic environments can be detrimental to staff and customers, so it is essential your business is regularly and properly maintained. But with so many janitorial tools and equipment available on the market, it can be difficult to select the most essential cleaning items. At Hanleys, we pride ourselves in supplying the best janitorial supplies on the market. To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of all the items you need in your janitor’s trolley.

Janitors Trolley

Firstly, you’ll need a reliable janitor's trolley. Trolleys are used to make large cleaning jobs quicker and provide a place to store all cleaning supplies in one place. They also eliminate repetitive strain from carrying bulky cleaning chemicals and equipment around. The Oates Janitors Cart Mark II is lightweight and sturdy with provision for many accessories to be hung. It is compact for easy manoeuvrability into small spaces and is one of our favourite options due to the robust frame and heavy-duty hooks to hold trolley bags. These trolleys are versatile as they can be used to store cleaning equipment and tools when cleaning, and can also be used for transporting large loads of laundry.


Gloves and Masks

Once you have a trolley, the next step is to ensure  protection of the janitor. Cleaning is a challenging job involving bacteria, viruses, dust, and grime. Hence it is essential to ensure the safety and protection of the cleaner. The most crucial janitor protection tools are gloves, masks and safety glasses. Gloves and safety glasses are necessary to protect your skin and eyes from chemicals and potentially hazardous substances. On the other hand, masks provide a barrier for chemicals, sprays, and fluids against the mouth and face. Here are some of our popular options:

Safety Signs

Businesses have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of their customers and staff. One of the most important ways to do this is through safety signs. Safety signs are designed to catch the attention of individuals and warn them of potential hazards ahead. Our favourite pick is the Oates Large Caution Wet Floor Cone which is yellow for high visibility and lightweight for easy transport. They are great at alerting people in the general vicinity that the floors are wet after cleaning, so proceed with caution.


Brooms, Mops & Buckets

Brooms, mops, and buckets are the essentials when it comes to cleaning. Brooms are necessary for sweeping dirty floors and may be indoor or outdoor brooms. Indoor brooms have thinner brush hairs to move minor dirt, while outdoor brooms have firmer bristles to remove coarse dirt such as sand and leaves. Mops also come in different shapes and sizes, and serve a different purpose. Mops are designed to wipe down grease, floor marks and absorb liquid spills. We generally recommend a textile blend mop and wringer.

Here are some of our popular options:


Window Cleaning

Regular window cleaning is essential to remove contaminants, debris, and pollutants for a fresh and clean look. Your janitorial trolley must contain a glass cleaner and a window washer. We recommend the Solutions W2 Clear View Window and Mirror Cleaner for easy spray capability and quick drying time. Our Ettore Backflip is a great window washer for its longer handle, microfiber cloth, and quick-release squeegee.


General Cleaning Supplies

Several other cleaning tools are needed in the janitor's trolley that will be used in many different situations. Must-have cleaning supplies for general purposes, include an all-purpose cleaner, cleaning cloths, a duster, garbage bags, and cleaning sponges. Here are some of our top products at Hanleys: