Hand Care Guide

Every year on the 5th of May is World Hand Hygiene Day. Join hands with us in promoting proper hand hygiene practices - your health and wellbeing with thank you.

At Hanleys, we stock an unmatched range of hand wash and hand sanitiser brands and supply to healthcare, aged care, schools, hospitality and more industries where hand hygiene is of utmost importance.

Hand hygiene isn't just a routine task; it's a cornerstone of healthcare, essential for safeguarding patient safety and preventing infections. That's why the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign, led by the World Health Organization, resonates with us.

We're proud to be your trusted partner in maintaining impeccable hand hygiene standards. With our extensive range of hand wash and hand sanitisers, we've got you covered, no matter your preference or requirement.

Our selection of hand care brands, include renowned names like Gojo, Purell, Deb, SC Johnson, Diversey, Kleenex, Agar, Aquim, and more. From hand soap dispensers with foaming refills to 500ml pump bottles to industrial hand cleaners, we have it all. If you’re needing ongoing protection from common germs, check out our range of hand sanitisers.

If you’re needing targeted hand care solutions, read on for our industry specific recommendations.

For washrooms in schools, child care centres, body corporates and property management

Our favourite and best-selling washroom soap is Custom Care 51049 Pearly White Liquid Hand Soap 5L. It’s a thick liquid prepared from mild ingredients for hand hygiene. Coming in a 5 litre bottle, it’s economical and ideal for bulk fill dispensers – great for when you have lots of hands to wash!

Application: suited to use in the washrooms of all general industry types

If you need an antibacterial formulation, the Custom Care 51019 Antibacterial Hand Soap Premium White 5L is your best bet! It includes added active ingredient Chloro Xylenol (used in Dettol) to help eliminate unwanted bacteria from the skin.

Application: perfect for food prep, farms, garden nurseries, schools and child care centres.

For hospitality and food service hand cleaning

For our food service customers, we typically recommend fragrance free, and in some cases, antibacterial hand care. The Purell® 7785-02 ES8 Healthcare CRT Healthy Soap™ Fragrance Free Foam 2 x 1.2L are refills for PURELL® ES8 Touch-Free Soap Dispenser and are a top pick for one of our major food service customers.

This is a fragrance free, remarkably mild healthcare formulation. It’s specifically for dry, sensitive skin and frequently washed hands. The always-ready, touch-free dispenser design makes for easy hand washing in the kitchen.

Application: mild healthcare formula designed for frequently washed hands and fragrance free (ideal for hospitality)

For heathcare and aged care hand cleaning

The Purell® 7785-02 ES8 Healthcare CRT Healthy Soap™ Fragrance Free Foam 2 x 1.2L and PURELL® ES8 Touch-Free Soap Dispenser strike again in our Hand Care Guide. While we recommend this product for hospitality too, it’s specially formulated for healthcare. It’s free of harsh preservatives, antibacterials, parabens, phthalates, fragrance and dye. Perfect for healthcare – it rinses fast and clean for easy gloving.

Application: mild healthcare formula designed for frequently washed hands

For heavy duty and industrial hand cleaning

For heavy duty and industrial hand cleaning, Hanleys offers an impressive line-up of products designed to tackle the toughest grime. These heavy-duty solutions are formulated to quickly and effectively remove industrial soils, ensuring your hands are clean and ready for the next task.

The Deb 5000 Suprega Plus Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner (4 x 4L) is a 4L pod of heavy duty hand cleaner containing natural cornmeal scrubbers.

Application: Ideal for all heavy duty situations to remove stubborn soilings, grease, oil grim etc.

Lightning is a great solution for heavy duty hand care. Australian owned and founded in 1961, Lightning produce hand care and cleaners, cleaners and degreasers, disinfectants and more. The Lightning Jell Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner (available in 3.5kg and 19kg) is the original heavy-duty petroleum-based hand cleaner. It contains soaps, surfactants, mild solvents and citrus oil plus lanolin to moisturise the skin.

Application: It quickly removes most types of hard industrial soils.

Hanleys also stocks Lightning 899i Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner (available in 4L and 20L). This heavy-duty hand cleaner contains citrus oil and pumice, making it super effective for removing industrial soils.

Application: Effective for most types of hard industrial soils.

Deb Stoko Solopol Classic Heavy Duty Hand Cleansing Paste (available in 250ml, 2L and 4L) is a Solvent-Free Heavy Duty Hand Cleansing Paste for use in the removal of heavy contamination in industrial environments. The Astopon natural scrubbing agent gently removes contaminants without damaging the skin.

Application: Commonly used to remove oil, grease, carbon black and lubricants.

Gojo 7282-04 TDX Supro Max Cherry Hand Cleaner (2L) is a fast and effective heavy-duty hand cleaner with gentle scrubbers and a cherry fragrance.

Application: Effective on oil, grease, paint, and adhesives.

Whether you're in the child care, education, hospitality industry, healthcare or any other field where cleanliness is paramount, Hanleys is your one-stop destination for all things hand hygiene. If you'd like to get your team following best hand hygiene practices, download our A4 Hand Washing Procedure Poster here or at the button above.

So, World Hand Hygiene Day and every day after, let's equip ourselves with the tools and knowledge to promote cleaner hands and healthier lives.

Join us in spreading the word – because when it comes to hand hygiene, Hanleys has everything you need to keep the world safe and healthy.