Whether you are responsible for managing the guest experience of a hotel, motel, Airbnb or resort, we all understand the importance of hotel guest amenities. These amenities help guests feel more at home and are a vital part of the experience. The type and quality of the amenities you provide will have a significant impact on the price you can charge for the stay, whether you will have returning customers and how the guests will review the stay experience. A lot of new Airbnb and motels tend to overlook these small details, but in this blog, we will cover everything you need to enrich your guest experience.

Body Care

Providing quality body care products is essential for a great hotel stay experience. Guests love feeling clean when they are on holiday, and taking a bath is the first thing they usually do. It’s vital to provide a body wash or soap pleat that will leave them feeling refreshed. At Hanleys, we provide a range of Eartherapy soaps and spa soaps. You can go one step further and provide them with a body lotion moisturiser to show that extra sense of thought and care.


Hair Care

Hair care portion control products are a basic necessity and are expected by most guests as part of their hygienic routine.

We recommend providing guests with both shampoos and conditioners.

At Hanleys, we have a wide range of hair care product brands to choose from, such as Eartherapy, Lanovera, CountryLife and several others.

You might additionally choose to provide guests with shower caps to shield their hair from getting wet so they can maintain their hairstyle.


Sanitary Care

By providing guests with sanitary care products, you show the extent of thought and care placed on them to have a more comfortable stay. It’s the little things that count.

For example, facial tissues, vanity kits, sanitary bags and toilet seat seals.

At Hanley’s our vanity kits include cotton buds and make-up pads.

Our sanitary bags allow female guests to discard certain personal hygiene items such as liners and tampons separately.

Finally, toilet seat seals show incoming guests that the toilet has been professionally cleaned and sanitised.

Laundry & Dishwashing

Laundry and dishwashing portion control products are essential if you provide a guest washing machine or a kitchen where guests have the ability to cook their own meals.

For laundry cleaning, you must provide guests with a type of laundry detergent in liquid or powder form.

For the kitchen, guests require dishwashing liquid for hand washing any glasses, plates, cutlery and cooking utensils used.

If you provide a dishwasher, then a dishwasher tablet would be the way to go.



Ensuring a sufficient supply of housekeeping portion control products will ensure you are always prepared for the next guest.

Guests need a variety of different products to ensure rooms meet their expected level of hygiene.

These products include napkins, sanitary bags, linen, tray mats, placemats, iron cleaners, iron organisers, and youth chairs.

These small details show guests you genuinely care about their experience.


Hotel guest amenities are a way you show guests you genuinely care and are going above and beyond what is expected.

It gives them a reason to remember, return for another stay and potentially even share on social media telling their friends and family of their wonderful experience.

At Hanleys, we supply a wide range of amenities to suit your guests' needs.