Environmentally Responsible chemical cleaners

We now live in a world where individuals and businesses are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint and environmental impact. We have seen an increase in demand for sustainable and cost-effective green cleaning products over chemical products. Chemical products are non-renewable and can be hazardous. At Hanleys, we pride ourselves in the wide range of cleaning solutions we offer that are highly environmentally friendly. We offer two types of eco-friendly solutions that deliver powerful results for environmentally-conscious facilities. These include enzyme-based cleaners and probiotic cleaners. Let’s explore the difference between the two and the type of products available at Hanleys.

Enzyme Cleaning Products

Enzyme cleaners have recently gained a lot of popularity as they are environmentally friendly and sometimes outperform chemical cleaners in eliminating tough stains and persistent odours. As the name suggests, enzyme cleaners use enzymes which is a protein that accelerates a reaction. In simple terms, think of enzymes like a pair of scissors that cut down big compounds of waste and soil into smaller molecules. This prepares the surface, and facilitates effective cleaning. Enzymes do not provide a quick fix but instead are the lasting answer. They treat odours very quickly and soften any grease for effective cleaning.

It is important to understand that, unlike bacterial microorganisms, the enzymes within the cleaners are not living entities but instead used by the bacteria to assist in breaking down the bigger molecules. The enzymes remain active for seven to ten days and then safely biodegrade. Enzyme-based cleaning products are completely safe for humans, animals, and plant life as they are developed from natural elements instead of chemicals.

Our recommended choice for enzyme-based cleaning products is Enzyme Wizard. They specialise in a range of natural cleaning products for residential, commercial and hospitality markets. They are our preferred choice because their products have been tested and proven to be environmentally safe and have a pH-neutral value. At Hanleys, we distribute their carpet cleaners, No-rinse floor cleaners, grease and waste cleaner, heavy-duty floor cleaner, all-purpose sprays, bathroom cleaners, urine stain removers, and wheelie bin cleaners.

General Enzyme Cleaning Products:

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Probiotic Cleaning Products

Probiotic cleaners offer a green alternative solution to conventional hard-surface chemical cleaners. Probiotic cleaners contain probiotic bacteria that produce digestive enzymes in order to bio-degrade complex compounds. Although cleaning your area with live bacteria sounds dangerous, it is completely safe. There are two kinds of bacteria: pathogenic (harmful) and “good” bacteria. Consider probiotic drinks like Kombucha, which are full of good bacteria for your gut health but are now instead designed for cleaning your business. This bacteria produces enzymes that break down the complex waste particles into smaller pieces. The bacteria then proceeds to consume the waste particles for it to digest and break them down into carbon dioxide and water.

Unlike only enzyme-based cleaning products, which contain only enzymes that are harvested from the bacteria, probiotic cleaning products also contain the bacteria. This has the benefit of the bacteria that produces various enzyme substrates to clean a variety of different surfaces. They are capable of adapting and producing enzymes as needed and go one step further than only enzyme cleaners as the bacteria consumes the waste particles.

Our recommended choice of probiotic cleaning products is Pro Blue. They are Australian-owned and offer a range of super concentrated cleaning solutions prepared from select ingredients to provide long-lasting results. At Hanleys, we distribute their multipurpose cleaner, drain cleaners, urinal cleaners, odour destroyers, floor cleaners, and bathroom cleaners.

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Overall, both enzyme-based and probiotic cleaners are more environmentally friendly options compared to chemical cleaners. Enzyme cleaners are fantastic for preparing your facility for easier cleaning, while probiotic cleaners prolong cleaning effectiveness through their active bacteria. Both options serve different purposes, and we would be more than happy to provide you with future guidance and information
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