Christmas Cleaning Preparation for Home Owners & Business Owners

It's that time of the year again with Christmas around the corner. Emotions run high with the excitement of reconnecting with family to the stress triggered by thoughts of upcoming holiday cleaning and house organisation. Businesses face something similar, with Christmas closure meaning a full clean up of work surrounds and workshop floors. With a lot of family occasions and big lunches occurring outside with the Australian sun, this article is designed to help you with your outdoor areas. This includes polishing up the Southern side of your house (the one that doesn't see much sun) and assisting businesses to prepare a clean start in the New Year when the staff return.

Mould Removal

When we finally start to notice mould, that's when it's getting bad. It's essential to remove mould as soon as possible before it starts to give off toxic spores and vapours, which can be dangerous to your health - possibly resulting in allergic reactions, asthma and flu-like symptoms. Removing mould might take some time and elbow grease. Start by examining areas where there is inadequate water drainage (regions that never seem to dry thoroughly) as well as areas where there may not be enough sunlight (even in the summer). Some common examples include sections of driveways, side paths, patios, sections of walls and fences, and areas near pools. These kinds of places with the right environmental factors will nearly always continue to see mould growth. When examining these areas, mould may appear to look like dirt. The easiest way to determine if it is actually mould you are dealing with, simply sweep the area, and if the "dirt" doesn't move, it's most likely mould.

Our latest range of mould removal is from Actichem™, which manufactures high-performance, commercial cleaning products. Their new range's core mould removal products include the mould exterminator, mould remover, and the percide mould & bio-decontaminant.


The Actichem™ Mould Exterminator & Destainer 5L is a product of years of research.
A unique, super-wetting formula that provides consistent mould remediation results every time.
It is ideal for uninhabited buildings, strip-outs, sub-floors, external walling, landscape structures, roofs and pathways.


The Actichem™ Mould Remover & Sanitiser 5L is a responsible green mould remover and a powerful solution to removing mould and mildew in washrooms and change rooms/locker rooms.
The mould remover provides premium performance and sanitisation without the risk of damaging sensitive natural stone surfaces in bathrooms.


The Actichem™ Percide Mould & Bio-Decontaminant 5L is a hospital-grade disinfectant that is TGA listed and is also an advanced mould removal product.
Its formula penetrates deep into porous surfaces and reacts violently with mould spores & growth to entirely eradicate them.
Percide is safe for use on most carpets and fabrics; however, some delicate fibres and fibres that have been destabilised by disaster activity can be affected.



Pressure Washing

Most businesses and homeowners don't think about pressure washing until the time comes. There's no way to stop dirt from accumulating as the years pass, but a high-pressure washer is an efficient way to remove the dirt cloaking your premise's exterior. Power washing prevents mould and mildew from growing on your home and removes other contaminants and unwanted build-up. The best time to power wash is on a sunny day with minimal cloud coverage. Please remember that dirt and debris from pressure cleaning are not allowed to flow into the stormwater drain.

Our recommended pressure washer is the Kerrick® HCP3012 Pressure Washer.
Kerrick has a wealth of experience when it comes to the manufacturing of water blasters and pressure cleaners. The Kerrick HCP3012 is a compact pressure cleaner built for heavy-duty commercial applications. The key feature of the Kerrick is that it is petrol powered. This allows the user to pressure clean wherever necessary without being restricted by the length of the cord, such as with an electric-powered Gerni. Additionally, it boasts an industrial GX Honda motor and is mounted on a robust aluminium powder-coated frame with two large wheels for easy manoeuvrability.


The Kerrick pressure washer is our preferred choice because it can be used in a couple of different ways. Firstly, the pressure washer can be coupled with a Kerrick Whirlaway Surface Cleaner, which makes cleaning larger surface areas significantly easier. It delivers pressure up to 4000psi, quickly cutting through mould and dirt when cleaning car parks, warehouse floors, and other large areas. Secondly, the pressure washer can easily be coupled with a Kerrick Turbo Nozzle for more effective impact on the surface and reach places the Whirlaway cannot. Finally, you can also use one of the four attachments that come with the pressure washer, with their respective coupling attachments included.



Overall, cleaning the outdoors and preparing the business workplace for 2023 is a must.
We recommend starting with mould removal and pressure washing.
You want to prioritise mould removal before it gets worse, and you can start by looking at any areas that don't receive much sunlight.
On the other hand, pressure washing is key to removing dirt that has accumulated over some time and should be completed at routine intervals, especially at the end of the year.