Solutions® 60100 Oxygenator Powder Soaker Destainer 10kg

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Solutions® 60100 Oxygenator Soaker and De-Stainer Powder is a New generation multi-purpose brightening powder.

A very concentrated and powerful oxygenated powder, that will remove stubborn stains without effort.

Has a multitude of other uses such as mould remover, carpet cleaner and sanitiser.

Ideal for use on:

Laundry items - woollens and synthetic fabrics

Carpets & Rugs

Mattresses and Soft Furnishings 

When using on carpets & soft furnishings, best results are achieved when used in conjuction with an extraction device.

Sold as a 10kg pail of powder.



Solutions® 60100 Oxygenator Soaker De-Stainer Powder 10kg.

Oxygenator is a multi-purpose brightening powder, ideal for use in laundries and on woollen and synthetic fibres.

This powerful oxygenator powder will remove persistent stains from laundry items, while protecting and rejuvenating delicate fabrics.

Oxygenator is also an effective carpet cleaner and brightener, and is ideal for use in carpet extraction machines.

Directions for use:

Laundry Items : Works best in HOT water, however when using cold water, soak garments for a longer time.

For stains add 100gm (1/2 Cup) per 10kg dry weight of laundry

Infectious Linen : After washing linen, dilute 10gms powder per 1 litre of wash water. Wash at 70˚C for 8 minutes.

Bonnet Buffing : Dilute 15gms to 15 litres of hot water.

Carpets and Rug cleaning : For Light Soil Cleaning Dilute 1 part to 100 parts water.

Heavy Soil Cleaning : Dilute 1 part to 75 parts water.


Brightens fabric or fibres.

Removes persistent stains.

More Information
Brand Solutions®
pH Level 10.0 -10.5
Size 10 kg
Dilutable Yes
Odour / Fragrance Faint Odour
Inner Packaging Pail
Unit of Sale 10kg Pail
Quantity per Carton 1
Material Powder
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