Agar™ PREST5 Presto Detergent Foamer Cleaner 5L

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Agar™ PREST5 Presto Detergent Foamer Cleaner 5L

PRESTO is a concentrated, caustic-based cleaner-degreaser specifically made for fat removal. It will remove fatty, oily soilage, baked-on fats, carbon residues, food spillages and fatty films from most hard surfaces.

Australian Made & Owned.

Size:  5L Bottle

Qty:  Individual Bottle

Agar™ PREST5 Presto Detergent Foamer Cleaner 5L

PRESTO is a high-foaming cleaner for the removal of fats and oils from walls, floors, and equipment in food processing areas.


Walls, floors, food processing equipment, ovens, barbeques, hot plates, shower recesses, stainless steel, fan exhausts, hoods and ducting, butchers’ boning rooms, abattoirs, kitchens and all food processing areas.

*Not suitable for use on aluminium unless diluted below 1 in 100 with water.*


Highly reactive, potent cleaner for fat removal.

Suspends dirt and soil – won’t redeposit onto the surface.

Effective in hot or cold water.

Breaks down fats into water-soluble by-products so fats rinse away easily.



Australian Made & Owned.

Size: 5L Bottle

Qty: Individual Bottle

More Information
Brand Agar™
pH Level 13.0 to 14.0
Size 5 Ltr
Package Style Bulk Fill
Dilutable Yes
Odour / Fragrance Mild
Inner Packaging 5L Bottle
Unit of Sale Individual Bottle
Quantity per Carton Carton of 3 Bottles
Material Liquid
Environmental Impact Bio-degradable
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