Machine Hire

At Hanleys Cleaning Solutions we take pride in the quality, efficiency and high-standard of our machine services and machine hire. We have a tool for every cleaning job ranging from Steam cleaners to Floor Polishers and Floor Scrubbers. Our products are ideal for commercial and industrial uses and are available for short or long term hire.

Please call our Service Workshop for product suitability and rates.

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Steam Cleaner

Floor Scrubber

Steam Australia Pegaso SVD (largest 240V 10 amp steamer)

The Pegaso is a powerful industrial grade steam cleaner with integrated vacuum function and detergent injection for hard to remove dirt, grime and stains.

It is designed to clean a huge variety of everyday surfaces including floors, walls, windows, upholstery, mattresses, commercial kitchens, food manufacturing conveyors, gaming rooms, machinery, engine bays, car upholstery and more.

Wizzard W34P (electric) 34cm

A unique, versatile, high quality mini floor washing machine, designed to clean different types of floors. The compact and hi-tech design enables the machine to be operated under shelves, cots/tables and chairs where other machines find it hard to reach. Different types of brushes are available to suit any type of floor including escalators.

Floor Polisher

Hako Rotobic Sprinter Straightline Floor Polisher (high speed) 50cm

Best suited for domestic or commercial floor polishing applications

Hako Rotobic G-Force (400rpm with vacuum) 45cm

The Rotobic GForce Suction Polisher has been the mainstay of the cleaning industry for many years.

It was designed and is still assembled in Australia to provide the highest quality of product and workmanship to its users.

The 2-speed vacuum motor, with a 2.5 litre vacuum bag, can be used in locations such as hospitals where noise is of concern, or heavily soiled floors requiring more pick-up.

Floor Maintenance Productivity:

  • Polishing: 350m²/hr
  • Spray Buffing: 265m²/hr

Commercial 45cm, 430rpm, cord electric, universal suction scrubber/polisher, suited to larger areas, requiring higher speed polishing or light scrubbing.

Hako Rotobic Focus (400rpm) 40cm

Compact Performance When Small is an Advantage.

  • Robust, solid construction
  • Classic Ergonomic handle for easy handling
  • Beautifully balanced for smooth easy use
  • Ability to scrub and polish right ot the edge
  • Large powerful scrubbing motor

Compact, Commercial 40cm, 430rpm, cord electric, universal scrubber/polisher, suited to smaller areas requiring higher speed polishing or light scrubbing.

Floor Maintenance Productivity:

  • Polishing: 450m²/hr
  • Light Scrubbing: 275m²/hr
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